Six Free Online Resources We Use Every Day To Be More Efficient


We all like free, right? Especially free things that work! And we also like resources that make life a little easier. Today I'm going to highlight six online resources that I use every day that make running our business, managing our social media, and staying connected with our audience that much easier...for free. 

I've talked about Buffer quite a bit in various blog posts, but it's so good it's worth repeating. If there is one complaint that I hear over and over again it is that authors don't have time for social media. It's just adding one more thing onto an already overloaded schedule. Then I introduce them to Buffer. What Buffer does is allows you to load up your account with content (blogs/articles that you find, your blog entries, retweets, etc.) one time during the day and it automatically updates your Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn accounts. It helps you stay consistent, it spreads your posts/tweets throughout the day, and it saves you oodles of time. 

Tweriod works perfectly with Buffer because it helps you find the best times to tweet for your specific audience. You simply connect your Twitter account with Tweriod and it finds the best times for your Tweets to post. Best of all, you can seamlessly connect the times that Tweriod finds directly to your Buffer account. So not only are you saving time, but you are finding the prime times that your audience will be on Twitter throughout the day. Win!

I don't know how or why I missed this for so long but this is by and far one of my favorite free online tools. Headlines for your blog, newsletter, etc., are incredibly important. It's not just about finding something catchy but something that will actually entice the reader to click on your link and read what you have to say. This tool from Advanced Marketing Institute allows you to put in the headline you are going to use and it gives you a rating as to how effective it will be. Crafting your headline shouldn't be an afterthought, and this helps you make it the best it can be. 

Creating easy ways for fans to share your content is incredibly important, and is a simple way to craft "tweetables" for your fans to share. At the bottom of this blog you will see our Tweetable section. We use this tool to help craft 3-4 tweets with different messages that fans can share with their friends. It's a great way to create easy, shareable tweets. 

With Google Reader out of the picture I have discovered as a resource to stay up to date with all of the blogs I subscribe to. And I have to say I like it a lot more than Google Reader. It's simple to use, it was incredibly easy to transfer all of my blogs from Reader to Feedly, it has a great looking layout, organized, and it keeps me up-to-date. It also syncs seamlessly with Buffer so you can keep that topped off with great blogs you find, as well as stay up-to-date with what is going on in your industry.

There are many Twitter management tools out there but I have found to be my favorite. Your Twitter feed can get overwhelming so following relevant people and brands who speak directly to your audience is key. This tool will help you in managing that. Some prefer but I like the simplicity of 

Granted, there are other resources out there similar to these but I have found these to be my personal favorites. The key is that there are online tools out there to help you manage your online presence and make your life that much easier. 


QUESTION: What online systems and resources have you found to be helpful? Anything to add to the list? We'd love to hear! Leave a comment below! 

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