Four Social Media Faux Pas That Are Lethal To Sales


I'm going to toss a hypothetical situation out there. Let's say you just got word that an online publication is going to run a review or feature of your latest book. They boast that they have over a million unique visitors every month. Does this one translate into more sales of your book? Does this insure that all one million will see and read this post? Not necessarily.   

We cannot directly connect publicity with sales. We can estimate exposure, we can possibly broaden our audience, but does it ensure a sale? No, it does not. 

Some argue that social media is in the same category as publicity where you can't insure sales through Facebook, Twitter, etc., but I disagree. What social media has over publicity is a consistent connection, personalization, a direct link to the fans/author, and a way to point potential fans right back to their sales making hub: their website.   

But here's the question: Are you not seeing results you were looking for from your social media efforts? Are you frustrated because you don't see the connection between social media and sales? 

The good news is that it's something that can be fixed. Is it a quick fix? Not really. But your efforts will result in greater sales, a stronger connection with your audience, and a wider online reach than before.  

Here are four mistakes you are making that are killing sales: 


Using Social Media As Marketing 

Yes, social media can be used for marketing purposes, but that is not the intent behind it. If you only use social media for pushing your agenda (selling, promotions, etc.) you will not see results. Your social media outlets are meant to connect with people. If you moved to a new city and were trying to meet new people, you wouldn't walk up to someone and say, "Hey I have a new book for you to buy. Want to be my friend?" We tend to forget that social media wasn't intended to sell things - it was intended to connect people. Take your marketing hat off and use social media to create connections, establish trust, and use it as an arrow to point back to your website - where you make the sale.  


You're Not Connecting The Dots 

While your website and social media outlets may seem like separate entities, they actually all work together. If your website doesn't clearly show visitors where else you can be found online, you are missing a huge connection. If your social media outlets don't point back to your website, you are missing a potential sale. Making sure that everything is connected will create a seamless flow between one outlet to the next.  


There Is No Content 

The connection you make on social media is the first step. It's the lure that draws people in. If there isn't a way for your new connections to see more of what you have to offer or what problems you can solve for them, you have run into a wall not resulting in a sale. Your website/blog should host quality content for your potential buyers to dig into. If you provide excellent material on your website for free, imagine what your paid material will be like! Content is the best way to show that you know what you're talking about and that you have value to offer. It's the best way to establish trust with your potential customers. 


You Are Targeting The Wrong People 

One of the best ways to deepen and broaden your audience on Facebook is through targeted ads. They are an incredibly inexpensive way to not only get the ball rolling on exposing you and your brand to a new audience, but you can get pin-point precision in targeting your ideal customer. Last month I wrote a blog on Five Secrets to Dramatically Grow Your Facebook Audience that will help you do just that: target your ideal audience through Facebook ads. When you target the right people who will be interested in what you have to say and share, develop their trust, and connect with them, you will increase sales. 



It can't be said enough: if you are inconsistent with your social media it will not grow to its full potential. The biggest hurdle that you have to get over is developing trust with your audience. How do you develop trust? By getting to know your fans and them getting to know you. By ensuring that you have amazing stories to share that they will want to read and pay for through the content you provide on your website. Consistency is one of the best ways to not only build your platform but also establish trust, which leads to sales.  


By simply adjusting your approach and implementing different practices into your social media plan, you will see great improvements!  


QUESTION: What adjustments to your social media have you made that have helped sales? Leave a comment below! 

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Photo by Evelyn Köster.