Super Bowl Ads vs. a Blog: Who won?

A few weeks ago I met up with our good friend Rick Elias who said, “The darkest time of year is upon season will officially be over. What am I going to watch now?” This made me laugh. We have many friends who are really into football and wait with baited breath for the Super Bowl, which I call “The Only Day of  the Year People Actually Pay Attention To Commercials” Bowl. That was for us non-sporty types. For years companies and marketers have seen the Super Bowl as the Holy Grail of advertising, which quite obviously it was. There was a captive audience who actually ran back to the TV to see what Budweiser, Coke and Pepsi had come up with this year and trying to outdo last years commercial.

I got to thinking...I wonder if this is still true? I wonder if companies who invest millions of dollars into a 30 second spot still see a return in their investment. With social media, blogs, and other online resources, do they still see the same impact on their business?

The other day I was perusing through my blogs when I came upon this little gem from Hubspot. It was a post called “Blogging Trumps Traditional Advertising in ROI (Return Of Investment) Head-toHead (Case Study)” I clicked.

It talked about a company (who asked to remain anonymous) who invested a lot of money into a Super Bowl ad who saw an embarrassingly small amount of return in it’s massive investment. The kicker was, and I quote from the article, “The customer’s blog generated twice as much traffic as its TV spots.”

Even though I am a big believer in social media and the power of blogging, this statement really shocked a good way! As an independent artist, self-published author or small business, this information should thrill you because all of these resources and practices are available to you! The playing field has been leveled in a way. You don’t need millions of dollars to promote your just need some time, planning, and dedication to free materials that can be found online.

So go forth and build your audience!!