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40 Things To Tweet When Your Creativity Runs Dry

We've all had one of those days - it feels like every ounce of creative juice has been tapped from our brain and it's difficult to come up with something to say. Especially on social media! Coming up with engaging, valuable content on a daily basis can be hard, so I wanted to make it easy for you. Here are 40 ideas to make sure you always have great interactive content to post on Twitter.

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    Quick Tip: #Hashtags Authors Should Use

    The best way to get your tweets and Instagram posts seen is to use hashtags. I'm not saying to #userandomhashtagsthatlookfun but rather to put them to work to not only grow your audience but to create conversations around. We have an earlier post on how to best use hashtags that you should check out if you aren't familiar with them, or if you would like to know how to best use them

    But figuring out what hashtag to use can be confusing. What hashtags are being used? What hashtags are best? We've put together a strong list of hashtags specifically for authors to help in multiple scenarios. 

    Can you create your own hashtags for your book, promotions, etc.? Absolutely! Here's how: 

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    Grow Your Twitter Following In 12 Easy Steps

    Twitter has been one of the best tools for us to grow our business. It's an outstanding way to connect with a wider audience and expand your brand online. I've had many conversations with authors who have resisted using Twitter for one reason or another, but have humored me and said, "OK, I'll give it a shot." Much to their delight (and mine as well!) their number of followers, the quality of their engagement, and overall reach broadened their online presence like crazy.  So, how do you grow your Twitter following?  

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