The 4 Step Guide to Selling LOADS of Books Using Social Media

Let me ask you a question: What do you think the value of 10,000 Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Google+ connections, etc., are to selling your book? They aren't worth anything if you aren't converting those fans into actual customers who will actually buy your book.

No matter how many fans, followers, or connections you have on social media, they won't amount to a hill of beans if you aren't converting those fans into customers. 

So how do you do that? I'm glad you asked! Here is your 4 step process to to make your social media efforts successful: 


1) Attract Your Audience

If you think of social media as a huge online cocktail party, you can mentally put your online interactions into real life situations. If you were at a cocktail party and didn't know anyone, would you walk up to the first person you saw and tell them to buy your book? Absolutely not. 

The attraction phase is getting to know who you are talking to, and letting them get to know you. I've said this before: social media was not created for marketing - it was created for relationships. Get to know these potential fans by interacting with them - as a human! Not as someone only trying to sell them something. 

Quality content will draw new fans in like bees to honey. But what do I mean by quality content? By creating posts, blogs, videos, etc., that are worth your readers time. You need to give them a reason to click, retweet, and share your content with their friends. Put yourself in your readers shoes: What would they want to hear from you? 

Creating a strategy and overall plan will help you greatly in creating content that will speak directly to your fans. And creating a schedule is the best way to stay on top of it


2) Establish Trust With Engagement 

Just because your number of likes, followers, etc., are growing doesn't mean your efforts are done - it's just beginning! When someone starts to follow your social media pages, it's really more of a courtship phase. This is where we develop trust with our newfound fans. This is made by interacting with them, responding to their comments, following them back, and creating a deeper connection with them. One-on-one interactions are invaluable. 

The goal is to let your fans feel like they really know you - that you are a likable and personable friend. When they feel a connection with you as a person, you are that much closer to converting them to a paying customer. 

The key with engaging fans is to keep them coming back for more - even if you don't have a book releasing until next year - stay engaged with your fans! When you have consistent, quality content rolling out, and you stay in touch with them, it will give your fans a reason to share your content with their friends. Thus, attracting more fans. See how that works?


3) Lead Fans To Your Website 

You've heard us say this before - your website is your home online. Your website is the place where mere fans are converted into actual customers. How? You don't ask them to buy your book (yet!!) but rather collect their email address. A fan who signs up for your newsletter is one step closer to a sale. 

Why is collecting email addresses so important? Think about it: you don't hand your email address out to just anyone. It's kind of like asking someone out on a date - they get to know you (attraction), spend time with you (engagement), and then you ask them out (get their email address).  

You need to make sure that you have a sign-up form on your website (we have a step-by-step "how-to" that you can find here), which means having a newsletter or offering "opt-in" content, like free chapters, a free ebook, etc. For example, we offer a free Marketing Plan Workbook that people can download for free when they sign-up for our newsletter. 

When you share links to your opt-ins and newsletter sign-up - as well as great blog posts you've written, or other content that you feature on your website - to your social media sites, you are giving fans a reason to head over to your website to find out more and sign up for your list. I'd advise you to include a post for fans to sign up for your newsletter/opt-in materials at least once or twice a week. As long as you are sharing other quality/non sales-pitchy posts throughout the week, you're safe to post links to your sign-up page a few times a week. 


4) Drive It Home  

You've attracted new people to your social media pages, you've engaged them with quality posts and content that has established trust and a relationship, and you've converted a mere fan into a lead by having them sign up for your newsletter. Now it's time to turn those fans into customers.

Your newsletter has a lot of muscle. When you have fans signing up for your newsletter, you have their attention. And this is key to making the sale - stay in touch with them and grant them exclusivity. I advise to send out at least one newsletter a month minimum. When you have their attention, keep it! 

When you have a book about to launch you can easily tap into your newsletter list to recruit them to help. Grant them exclusive access to the book before anyone else, give away some free signed copies - get creative with it! When you tap into the power of an engaged and active newsletter list, I guarantee you, your sales will go through the roof!


So, to recap... 

  1. Social media ATTRACTS new fans (remember, this does not equal sales!).
  2. Use social media to ENGAGE and establish TRUST with your fans.
  3. LEAD fans to your website to COLLECT email addresses/newsletter subscribers.
  4. CONVERT those newsletter subscribers into SALES.

This is certainly a process that takes time and practice, but it is the most assured and solid way to not only grow your audience, but sell more books than you thought imaginable! 


TAKE ACTION NOW: In the comments below, share with us your questions or thoughts on this process of converting fans into customers. What are your thoughts? Have you been using your newsletter effectively? 

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Photo by Mateusz Atroszko