Six Motivating Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog

When you were a kid did your parents ever tell you that just because your friends were doing something didn't mean you had to? When we first started our business I looked around at other successful businesses to see what they were doing and followed their lead. If they were doing it and were successful I should probably do that too, right? 

Many times we follow the pack, doing what others are doing and not really understand why they are doing it in the first place. I've talked with many authors who said that they knew they should have a blog but didn't actually know why it's an important aspect of their online presence. 

Here are the six main reasons an author should invest time into their blog:

1) Your Blog Drives Traffic To Your Website 

You've heard us say that your website is your home on the internet - your main information hub. You don't want your readers to just visit your website once. You want them to revisit it often, and to do that, you need to have consistent updates. The best way to do that is through your blog. When you share blog links on your social media pages it drives traffic back to your website, which boosts your position in search engine results, and thus increases your visibility online. The more traffic you are driving to your website, the more visible online you will be. 

2) Your Blog Establishes You As An Expert 

If a random person walked up to you and said, "I'm an expert in health and fitness and I have a new book! Buy it now for $20!" what would your response be? My guess is you would kindly say, "No thanks!" Now let's say you met someone who showed you great workout tips, quick recipes, weight loss tips, etc., for free that actually worked. Let's say they mentioned they were selling a book - would you buy it? Absolutely! 

The biggest hurdle that many authors face is creating trust with their readers. Do you know what you're talking about? What makes you an expert? By sharing what you know and establishing trust with your readers, they will be more willing to pay for your book and invest their time into reading it. 

3) Your Blog Connects You With Your Core Audience

Social media is a fantastic way for you to find and connect with new readers. But the best way to establish a stronger connection with them is through your blog. Your blog is where you can get into deeper topics, conversations, and information that speaks directly to your core audience. Much like your newsletter (which we will get into in another series), your blog helps draw your core audience out from the general group you have connected with on social media, giving you a deeper connection with those that want to know more about you, your books, your characters, your work - and who will buy your books! 

4) Your Blog Keeps Your Readers Hooked 

Don't let the time between book releases be wasted! This is a fantastic time to keep your readers hooked and looking forward to your next book through blog content. It's a way to keep them informed and engaged not only with characters (both old and new) and their story lines, but also with behind the scenes information, additional tips, and so on. Your blog will help build anticipation and expand your audience between book releases. 

5) Your Blog Is Shareable 

Your blog provides excellent free content for your readers to share with their family and friends, which essentially helps expose your writing and books to new potential fans. It also helps you build your social media numbers! When you provide quality blog posts that fans want to share on their social media outlets, it exposes your posts to their friends as well. Shareable content is key in not only establishing a solid online presence, but building your audience as well. 

6) Your Blog Keeps the Creative Juices Flowing

Everyone knows that the best way to be a great writer is to write. Blogging provides an additional creative outlet where you can share ideas, insights, and information to the benefit of others, along with helping helping you establish (or deepen) the discipline of writing. Blogs are not mini-novels - they are 500 word bursts that can help spark new ideas and thoughts. And you never know...your collection of blog posts could turn into your next book! 

As you can see, your blog holds an effective and powerful purpose to your overall online presence. Don't look at it as "one more thing you have to do," but rather as another way for you to connect with readers on a deeper level and ultimately sell more books. 

TAKE ACTION NOW: Have you started a blog? Leave the link to your blog in the comments below so everyone can take a look!