The Weekly Roundup

This week we are introducing a new series called The Weekly Roundup. We're trying to make things a little easier for you by gathering important information that we find throughout the week and post them in one convenient place. We want to help you stay up-to-date so your online presence will be the strongest and most powerful it can be. Here is what caught our attention: 

HOW TO CREATE THE PERFECT FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: This blog by Tamar Weinberg with Techipedia is a great outline highlighting the keys to making your Facebook page the best that it can be. Great information and easy to read/follow information.

5 WAYS TO GROW YOUR EXPOSURE WITH INSTAGRAM: If you haven't tapped into the power of strong visuals within your social media outlets yet, you are missing out. Instagram is a smartphone photo sharing tool that allows you to use incredible filters to change the look of your photo. It's a free and awesome tool to have. This Social Media Examiner article shares excellent information and fantastic tips that you can apply to your social media presence. 

FACEBOOK WEEDS OUT FAKE 'LIKES': This week in the Mixtus Media blog we talked about a new Twitter tool for users to find out how many fake, inactive and good followers one has on their account. It is incredibly eye opening. Now Facebook is cracking down and beefing up their security to flush out spambots, malware and fake accounts. Good information to know regarding your Facebook users. 

5 BEST PRACTICES TO BUILD YOUR TWITTER FOLLOWING: Great insight for those just getting into Twitter. Good reminders for those who are experienced as well. 



31 WAYS TO FIND NEW READERS OUTSIDE OF YOUR NETWORK: Excellent information and insight!! 

50 BLOG TOPICS FOR FICTION WRITERS: Ever wonder what fiction writers should blog about? Here are 50 ideas to get you started. 

THE LURE OF A GOOD BOOK: Interesting infographic regarding who is reading what. 



7 BRANDING TIPS FOR MUSICIANS WHO HATE BRANDING: Great ideas, insight and tips! 

PROFILE ON TODAY'S SOCIAL CONCERTGOER: Important information to have as artists. 

GROW YOUR EMAIL LIST WITH YOUTUBE PLAYLIST INTRODUCTIONS: If you aren't gathering your fans information for an email list, you are miiiiissssinnnnggg ouuuuut!!! This is a great resource and idea to use YouTube to help you grow your list. 

CHALLENGE: If you don't follow blogs or keep yourself updated within your niche/genre, I'm going to challenge you to find 10 blogs or resources that you can follow to stay up to date. Share your findings in the comment section below! 

What blogs do you read throughout the week? Share some of your favorites in the comments section below!

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