The Weekly Roundup - Week of February 4th




Welcome to the The Weekly Roundup! We’re trying to make things a little easier for you by gathering important information that we find throughout the week and post them in one convenient place. We want to help you stay up-to-date so your online presence will be the strongest and most powerful it can be. Here is what caught our attention:

HOW 15 REAL BUSINESSES ARE GETTING CREATIVE WITH VINE FOR MARKETING: We did a post last week highlighting Vine, the new micro-video app Twitter unveiled a few weeks ago, and we love it! It's a great way to engage your audience, give a great visual, and more. This piece by HubSpot is a great look into how businesses are using Vine in a creative way. 

8 LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATION TIPS: This blog post shares some great was to improve user experience and search rankings on your website. Even though this website is aimed at musicians it applies to authors too. 

6 SOCIAL MEDIA DIGITAL TRENDS YOU SHOULD NOT IGNORE: Important info to stay on top of...

USING YOUTUBE TO BUILD YOUR BRAND, AUTHORITY AND BUSINESS: Are you tapping into the power of YouTube? 


THE TOP 10 REASONS TO SELF-PUBLISH YOUR BOOK: Great insight from Guy Kawaski, who is a successful self-published author himself...

What blogs do you read throughout the week? Share some of your favorites in the comments section below!

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