The Weekly Roundup - Week of October 29th

Welcome to the The Weekly Roundup! We’re trying to make things a little easier for you by gathering important information that we find throughout the week and post them in one convenient place. We want to help you stay up-to-date so your online presence will be the strongest and most powerful it can be. Here is what caught our attention:


HOW TO USE GOOGLE CALENDAR TO CREATE AN EDITORIAL CALENDAR: Amy Porterfield is one of my favorite social media bloggers and she share some great information in this post. 

3 WAYS CONTENT MARKETING MAKES EVERY BUSINESS BETTER: If you don't know what content marketing is it's something that we (along with millions of other small business owners) are the cornerstone of growing a successful business and career. This post states a strong case for it. 

WHAT'S THE STORY? THE VALUE OF STORYTELLING IN MUSIC PROMOTION: Now before you say, "This is for musicians!" it really is for everyone. Storytelling as a part of your overall marketing and promotion is a huge piece of the puzzle that many leave out. Storytelling makes things personal, makes a connection. This is something that is aimed at musicians within this article but really applies to everyone. 


AUTHOR INTERVIEW: SETH GODIN ON BOOKS, BOOK PUBLISHING, BUSINESS AND LIFE: Seth Godin has been a massive influence on me (and every other modern marketer) who is an author and forward thinking within modern marketing. Fantastic interview and information featured here. 

HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR MESSAGE WITH BLOGGING: This is a great interview with Rich Brooks that talks about how blogging is key in optimizing your website. Great info here! 

SECRETS TO GETTING MORE BOOK REVIEWS: This is a fantastic blog to help you find new ways, resources and tricks to gaining more reviews. Slightly different than you might be accustomed to, which is always fun. 


 5 WAYS TO TAKE THE PULSE OF YOUR FANS: It's not only about what you want to share with your need to know what they want! Great (and short) article. 

HOW TO GET MORE VIEWS ON YOUTUBE: Video is a valuable tool for a musician and should play a central role within your digital marketing strategy. Here are some excellent tips and points to put into practice. 

HOW SPOTIFY CHANGED MUSIC: Love it or hate it, it's here to stay and is the future of music consumption. This is a great look at how Spotify made such a profound impact on music. 

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