Twitter Tip: How To Find The Best Time To Post

When I talk with authors (or anyone for that matter) who are just getting into social media as a way to build their online platform, their knee jerk reaction is to run away from Twitter. Many say it's too overwhelming, they don't understand it, it's too difficult to grow their followers, and so on. 

Truth be told, I felt the same way for quite some time. But then I fell for Twitter...hard. It has been a key component for growing our business, connecting us with our ideal clients, and has been WAY more effective than Facebook. Dare I say it - I love Twitter. 

When we don't understand how something works, it can be intimidating. So if Twitter is something you've been putting off, or if you need to breathe new life into your feed, I'd like to give you some insider tips into getting the most out of your Twitter account. 

One question we get a lot is, "When is the best time to post?" While there isn't a general answer that applies to everyone, there is a way to find the best time for YOU to post for your unique audience. The great thing is it takes mere seconds to do and IT'S FREE! 

It's a fantastic service called Tweriod. It connects directly to your Twitter account and shows you exactly when you should be posting your updates. And it's not just a "general" timeframe - it breaks it down for weekends, days of the week, and more. 

To set this up, simply go to and connect it to your Twitter account. Once it's connected (it might take a few seconds for it to gather up your info) click the "Get My Analysis" and this will show up: 

Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 1.56.45 PM.png

As you can see, it shows that on the weekends, my Twitter audience is online mainly between 9am & 6pm. And there are additional tabs you can click on to find out the best times to post on Sundays, Mondays, and Weekdays. The great thing is that if you are a Buffer user (which I HIGHLY recommend!) to manage your social media updates, you can simply click the "Sync to Buffer" option at the top of the page and it will automatically sync your ideal post times into your Buffer schedule. 

Tweriod allows you to use their system for free once a month and lets you know the next time you can log in for a free analysis. They do have paid features that you can check out as well. 

To reach your targeted audience you need to know when they are online to make the most of your Twitter efforts. This great tool will help your Tweets be more productive and it will save you time! 

TAKE ACTION NOW: In the comments below, let us know what timesaving tools you use to make the most of your social media. We'd love to hear!