What makes your music unique?

Knowing what makes you or your band unique or “stand out from the pack” is a huge asset to musicians. And one that many overlook when considering the promotion or marketing of their music. Have you ever had a conversation like this with someone? “So, tell me about your band.”

“Well, you really have to experience it. We aren’t like anything else out there.”

“OK...well, who do you sound like?”

“Man, we don’t sound like anyone! We are totally unique.”

I can tell you right now, the person on the receiving end of that conversation has checked out and moved on to the next thing. Sadly, the musician has missed out on a great opportunity...sparking interest in a potential fan.

I can safely say that the probability of your band creating a new, never heard before style of music is pretty slim. The chances of you being inspired or influenced by a band that you admire or look up to is very great. But giving someone a frame of reference or context to put your music in will give potential fans an idea of what your music will sound like. This is essentially “the hook” that will draw people in to your music.

So, when I ask, “What makes you unique?” it’s really giving you an opportunity to help you think through why someone should even pay attention to you and your music. Why should they take the time to go to your show? Why should they give you money for your music?

In today’s world, you HAVE to set yourself apart. I’m not saying run around in crazy costumes to draw attention to yourself, but really think through what makes you stand out? Here are a few questions to consider:

1.) How do your fans or friends describe your music?

2.) What genre(s) do you play?

3.) Who are you inspired by?

4.) What are some key words that describe your sound?

5.) In your own words, what makes your band unique?

6.) Why do you think people should pay attention to you and your music? Be specific.

Thinking through and answering these questions will help you formulate an answer. Work with your bandmates on this so everyone is on the same page and can give the same answer every time it’s asked, which will only help your brand.

And remember that long, drawn out answers are annoying. Keep it short, sweet and to the point. And you will be golden!