What's your pitch?

When I was a kid I loved show and tell. I loved it because you could bring some raggedy old thing in and make it special to everyone in the room with the story that’s behind it. The story or meaning behind something is what hooks the listener. If we based our decisions on appearances alone...oy, heaven help us.

Whether you are a musician, business owner, ministry, etc., your story or pitch is what sets you apart from all the others out there. It’s what makes you or your business unique and gives people a reason to pay attention to what you have to offer.

Have you thought through why people should pay attention to you? What separates you from the rest of the bands, businesses & ministries out there? Have you given it much thought? It’s important to think this through and craft a pitch that sums up what you are in a clean and concise way.

The key is to make it short, sweet and to the point. Have you ever been around someone who goes on and on...and on and on about one thing or another, trying to get around to a point that they never seem to make? Yeah, you lose interest very quickly. Don’t let that be you when you have a possible “sale” on your hands!

Here’s a simple challenge for you: make a list.

  1. Write down a list of unique attributes or qualities your band, business, ministry, etc., has.
  2. What do you have to offer?
  3. What sets you apart?
  4. If you are a band, what is your genre(s)? Influences?
  5. If you are a ministry, what do you believe or what denomination are you affiliated with?
  6. If you are a company, what are some of your successes?

Use that list to create a one or two sentence summary of what you are. You don’t have to give every detail within this pitch....just focus on your unique selling points.

For example, our pitch is:

Empowering musicians, authors and small businesses to expand their online presence and audience through social media, relationship marketing and digital PR.

This one to two sentence pitch you created should go everywhere; on your website, blog, social media outlets, flyers, posters, etc. It’s all a part of branding you, your band, your company, your ministry, etc.

Think it though, say it out loud...if you don’t like it, try again! Creating your pitch is an important part of marketing/branding that you don’t want to overlook.

Have questions? Email me at info@mixtusmedia.com for help with your pitch.