When To Use Ads On Your Website

In our last post we talked about different ways to make money from your website. The first solution most people go to is displaying ads. But using the popular advertising networks on your website comes with some significant negative tradeoffs which could alienate your readers:

  • slower page load times
  • visual clutter
  • distractions from your content
  • tracking of your readers’ browsing habits

If your website’s purpose is to help you deepen your relationship with your readers, why would you want to risk irritating them - especially for what could be a very small payout?

Embedding ad services on your website will only generate significant revenue for you if you have a large amount of traffic. People won’t visit your website unless you give them a good reason to with a steady stream of high quality content. And they won't learn about your great content unless you share it on social media.

Don’t put the cart before the horse! Focus on providing great content for people to read and see first. Then work on building the size of your audience. Only after you have those two things will it really be worth embedding ads on your website.

While placing ads on your site is an easy thing to do, it is far from a being a "no-brainer” decision. Make sure you understand the ramifications and whether or not it will be worthwhile for your online business in the long run. Here are some posts from around the web on the subject of ads that raise some very good points:


What experience with online ads do you have both as a user and as a website owner? Do you use ad blocking software? What websites that you frequent do a good job of serving ads? Which sites over-do it on ads and make it hard for you to read their posts? This is an important topic that is currently getting a lot of attention and we want to know what our readers think about it! Please share your thoughts with us in the comments and on social media.