Why More Isn't Always What You Need

Our 5 year old son, Isaac, has accumulated several baskets full of various small toys that he absolutely loves. It's full of random green Army men figures, small Angry Bird toys, Toy Story figures, and other small pointy things that when stepped on with bare feet can catapult you into the stratosphere. The other day while playing he dumped them out onto the floor, looked around at them, and then moved on to something else.  

The thing is that he keeps adding to this basket of little random toys. He has these little do-dads that could actually be a lot of fun to play with, but he doesn't really do anything with them. They just sit in a box, he dumps them out when he feels like it, and then moves on to the next thing. 

So let me ask you this: are you gathering your audience and growing your fan base just to throw them in a box? How are you engaging or interacting with your current audience? 

Sometimes we get so focused on growing our Facebook likes, Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, that we loose focus on how we are treating our current fans. Are you accumulating them, wanting more and more, and not cultivating a connection with the fans that you have right now? 

More isn't always what you need - what you need to do is focus on how you are using what you already have

Don't let your numbers dictate your current fans value and importance. A small army of fans can do a mighty big work!


TAKE ACTION NOW: In the comments below, name three ways you can engage and interact with your current fan base. How can you infuse value into those with whom you have already connected?


Photo by Marcus dePaula