Would Your Writing Career Survive if Social Media Went Away?

More changes are underway for Facebook Pages. Just the other day Twitter was overrun with traffic and I had a hard time reading my feed. These hang-ups, changes, and evolutions of social media are to be expected - we are dealing with technology which always changing. Yet, they are an essential element to the way people communicate and connect with others.

But what if they were to go away tomorrow. What would you do? 

This is a question that I pose to clients and conferences and the answer is somewhat the same - they look at me with a blank look in their eyes saying, "I don't know." 

Since you are a smart and forward-thinking author and individual, I hope that question runs a chill through your spine because...well...it should! There is nothing certain with social media. Yes, social media is the best way for you to connect with fans. But is it the best way sustain and build your career? No. 

The one resource that is essential and absolute gold to an author is this: your newsletter. Why? Because you OWN your newsletter. Fans have given you the key and connection to something they don't give out freely: their email address. Your email address is like your home address for the internet - you don't just give it out to everyone.

If there is one thing I would advise you to focus on within your marketing efforts it would be to grow your newsletter subscriber list. The good thing is that we already have some resources to not only help you start your newsletter, but how to build it and maintain it. 

Creating a Powerful Fan Base Through Your Newsletter

How To Significantly Grow Your Newsletter Subscriber List

How To Create Newsletter Content With Ease

How to Set Up and Send Your Newsletter

The sooner you start the better off you will be! Tap into the connections that you make on social media to grow your list - drive fans to go to your website to sign up. Pairing social media with growing your newsletter list is the best way to ensure a lasting career as a writer. 


TAKE ACTION NOW: Read the links above and let me know in the comments three action steps you've taken away from this. What will you do to get your newsletter started TODAY?