10 Tips for Authors to Promote a Book After the Release Date

The weeks and months leading up to the release of your book are crazy. Making sure your website and social media are set up, doing interviews, confirming your book will be in stores, and so on. It's a dead sprint leading up to the release date. But one mistake so many authors (and publishers) make is focusing solely on that release date. Those "first week numbers" are such a focal point that everything else after that seems to go by the wayside.


But here's the thing: your book has a life way beyond the release date. And it's your responsibility as the author to continue that promotion and keep your book in the mind and eye of fans and potential fans. Will your publisher do this? They are moving on to the next book on their release schedule. Does this mean you should turn around and start working on your next book? Not so fast…

Always keep this in mind: your new book is a stepping stone to your next book. What you do now will greatly effect what will happen for your next book. This new book is essentially a marketing tool. And how you set that up now will greatly influence the success of your next book.

So what should you do after your release date? Here are 10 tips to keep the momentum rolling:

1) Give away bonus or unused chapters

If you have unused chapters that you had to cut due to length or other editorial decisions, why not use those chapters as incentives for fans to sign up for your newsletter? Or offer them as bonus material if they purchase your ebook? 

2) Blog about situations, characters, and answer questions

By creating more insight or detail in regard to your characters, setting, or certain situations is excellent content to drive fans back to your website. You always want to drive attention back to your website for fans to learn more about you and your books. Creating content for your blog is the #1 way to continue engagement and interaction with your new and potential fans. 

3) Do an online book club tour

After the release of your book, why not offer buddle package deals where book clubs can purchase the book for a reduced price and offer a Skype session with the club? It's a great way to not only get feedback, but you can create personal connections and interact with your fans. It's a free resource and it's something you can promote on your website and social media outlets. 

4) Share reviews

If you are receiving some great reviews be sure to post them on your social media outlets and tag the publication or fan in the post. And don't forget to thank them for their support! 

5)  Do a GoodReads or Google+ Hangout Q&A

Q&A's are great to not only create conversations with your readers, but it puts you face to face with them in ways that you haven't been able to before. Much like a musician gets face-to-face time with fans during and after shows, authors need ways to personally connect with fans face-to-face. GoodReads and Google+ Hangouts are great ways to do that. 

6)  Offer a special promotion 

The best way to continue momentum after the release of your book is to do a special promotion or giveaway. What about offering a dramatically reduced price to your ebook or give away the audiobook if fans purchase the physical book? Announce the promotion on your social media accounts and direct them back to your website to either make their purchase or find more information about the promotion. It's a great way to not only give fans and potential fans a great deal but they will hopefully stick around and check out more information on your website. 

7) Drive fans to your Amazon & GoodReads page for reviews

Critical reviews in traditional press are great but when you can gather reviews from readers and fans it's a homerun. Ask fans in the weeks following the release to go to your GoodReads or Amazon accounts to leave a review. Be sure to include links to your pages to make it easy for them to find. And thank those that do leave a review on your Facebook or Twitter pages. 

8) Do a follow-up blog tour

Even if you might have done a blog tour leading up to the release of your book, there are thousands of blogs out there. You probably just scratched the surface! To keep the momentum rolling, reach out to more niche focused blogs or blogs that you weren't able to get in during the launch. Staying in touch with bloggers and feeding them content is a great way to continually build your online platform. 

9) Add to your book blog/niche blog list

One thing that I would advise you to do throughout the year is to continually add to your blogger database. Maybe once a week do a Google Search and find new blogs or online magazines that fit your genre or niche and reach out to connect with them. Ask if you can send them a copy of your book and start a dialog with them. This will also greatly help you when you are setting up the release of your next book. 

10) Continue to hold contests on your social media outlets

Contests are a great way to not only draw in new fans, but create more content for your social media outlets. Again, announce the contest on your social media outlets and direct them back to your website to enter. What I usually do is have them leave a comment on the blog post that has the contest details as a way for them to enter. Facebook has some really strict rules in regard to contests, so the safest bet is to direct them back to your website. 

You may have done some of these tips leading up to the release of your book, but that shouldn't stop you from continuing on. Always be thinking of creative ways to continue conversations with your fans, draw new people in, and create content to post on your online outlets. 

QUESTION: What creative ways have you continued the promotion of your book? We'd love to hear your ideas! Leave a comment below...

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