Your Guide To A New Normal




A few weeks ago I had lunch with some collegues and we were talking about what was going on in our respective businesses. One of my friends said, "I know I need to be more active on social media but I simply do not have the time!" The other said, "My website is a mess. I just don't have time to focus on that and get it up and running again." They both went on to talk about struggling to find work, budgets being cut, and so on. 

Does that sound familiar? Do you feel like your schedule is too jam packed to get your website up and running? Do you feel like you don't have the time to focus on building and growing your fanbase through social media outlets? 

I'm going to tell you what I told my friends: you need to create your new normal

Here's what I mean: it doesn't matter if you are a musician, author, small business owner or anything in-between - if growing your online presence and building your audience is important to you (which it should be!) you will find the time to pursue it. Who wouldn't want to have a larger, more dedicated audience? Who wouldn't want to sell more books, music, paintings, products, etc.? This is what a solid online presence can do for you - and so much more! 

Feel like creating your new normal is impossible? Think about this: you have already changed your schedule, your time commitments, and whatever else you have in your way to accomplish your dream. You wrote a book! You recorded an album! You started a business! That is no small task! 

Easier said than done? I thought you might be thinking that. Below is Your Guide To A New Normal, which will help you ease into a new routine. This will not only be an easier transition BUT you will be more likely to stick with it. You don't have to change everything overnight. Add one step at a time and you will have a new normal before you know it. 

Creating the product isn't the only layer of your career that you need to focus on. You need to actually let people know about it. And developing an online presence is the absolute best way to do that. And down the line when you write another book, record another project, create a new product, you will have this fabulous group of people who love what you produce and want to buy anything and everything you create. 

Developing your online presence isn't going to take up your entire day. It simply takes some planning, focus, and dedication. Before you know it, it will be like second nature. 

Don't deprive the world of your gift if you are simply scared of what others will think or if you feel like you don't have time to pursue it. There are fans and potential fans out there waiting to see what you have to offer! You just need to take a deep breath, know that you were created for this unique purpose, and jump on in. 


When you see a big task or change ahead, how do you normally react to that change? Do you approach it with vigor and excitement, or do you shut down and start singing your happy song in your head?  

The key to making a change in your life and schedule is taking on a little bit at a time so you hardly even notice a major change taking place. When we jump into things full force, cold turkey, most of us fizzle out after a few days. I don’t want that to happen to you! 

With our Guide To A New Normal we are going to highlight: 

  • key factors that need to be done in order to establish a strong online presence and grow your audience
  • help you narrow down what you need to focus on
  • create an approach that will not completely alter your universe 

First up, let’s highlight what you need to have in order not only establish your online presence but to continue to grow it and make it thrive: 


As we have said many times before, your website is your home base on the internet. Getting your website up and running is hands down the most important aspect of your online presence. Short on cash or aren’t sure how to go about setting up a website? Read our “Quick & Easy Website Set-Up” blog post to see how you go about doing that. (NOTE: this blog post is aimed at artists, but it applies to everyone).


 Pick ONE of the following outlets to focus on. It might be tempting to take them all on because you’re anxious to get things rolling, but get comfortable with ONE outlet before you take on more.  











Now that you have picked your poison, take a look at your schedule. Where can you carve out 20 minutes a day (NO MORE than 20 minutes!) EVERY DAY to focus on your key outlet? Is it getting up 20 minutes earlier? Turning the TV off for 20 minutes in the evening? Staying up an extra 20 minutes? 

Again, the key is to ease into this and create a change that is hardly even noticeable. Who doesn’t have 20 minutes?  

As you get comfortable with your one outlet and see some traction, add another outlet and an additional 15 minutes to your schedule. Adding tasks in 15 minute chunks will not only help you get things done, but you will make the changes that you need to build your online presence. 

The key with making any positive change is to:  

a) Do it EVERY DAY

b) Do it at the SAME TIME EVERY DAY 

c) Be dedicated to making a change

A little change can go a LONG way!! 

What changes have you made to your schedule to fit social media in? What have you found helpful? Leave a comment below!

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