Your Six Point Checklist to Creating Remarkable Content


Several years ago I was on an album promo tour with a band who were amazing musicians. Every single one of them were brilliant at their craft. When I asked them what set them apart and made them successful they all answered unanimously: it's all about the songs. The main songwriter for the group made it a practice to write a song every single day to make himself better at his craft. He learned from others. He read a lot. He put time into honing his craft.

In music the song is king. For writers the story is king. It all boils down to the content.

When you have great content it's easy to market yourself. With content you can show people that you know what you're talking about. With content you don't need to take the traditional marketing and advertising routs of shouting to everyone that you know what you are doing. With content you can show them that you are a master at your craft.

So how does one actually do this? How do you create killer content to help establish your brand, build your audience, and help you sell more?

We have created a Six Point Checklist to Creating Remarkable Content that will help you do just that.

Your Six Point Checklist to Creating Remarkable Content

✓  You Are Focused On Your Audience

One thing that gets away from us in creating content is talking about what we want to say and what we want to share. Remarkable content doesn't work that way. Great content focuses on what will help your specific and targeted audience. When you put away your agenda, focus on the needs of your audience and what they want to hear, you are on your way to creating remarkable content.

✓  It Is Shareable

My clients hear this from me all the time: shareable content is the hand reaching out from your brand. You want your core audience (your social media fans, blog, and newsletter subscribers) to actually share the content you are creating. Yes, you want your core audience to like what you are sharing, but will they want to pass it along to their friends? Remember, shareable content isn't just words, it's images, it's video, it's informative, it's funny…but most of all it is memorable.

✓  It Is Current

It stinks being late to the game. Same goes with your content. Is your content current? Are you thinking ahead rather than playing catch up? That is why creating a schedule is so dang important…it' allows you to think ahead of time and plan accordingly.

✓  It Makes Sense

Carefully thinking through the meat of your content is key in making it remarkable. But making sure it makes sense to your audience is even more important. Don't over complicate things. If you need to break it up into sections or create a series of posts in order for it to make sense, do it. Don't focus on what would be easiest for you, focus on what is best for your audience.

✓  It Is Easy To Digest

In your brain, everything you are talking about makes sense. To the outside world, it might be a jumbled mess. What might seem easy to you might be very difficult to understand to others. What might seem obvious to you is not obvious to everyone. Make sure the content and information that you share is easy to understand and digest for everyone.

✓  It Speaks To Everyone Not Just Someone

Piggy-backing on the previous point, you can't just assume that everyone is on the same playing field as everyone else. Someone might be a bit more advanced than the next person. Making sure that the content you share is universal rather than just focused on one small sect of your audience is key in growing your fan base.

For content to be remarkable it needs to stand out from the rest of the pack. Same goes for standing out online in today's day and age. Don't just focus on getting your message out, focus on what your audience wants to hear from you.

QUESTION: How has creating content helped you grow your fan base? What lessons have you learned? We’d love to hear! Leave a comment below…

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