Lisa Bogart


I decided to make an invest in me and my writing career. And Mixtus Media One-On-One Coaching paid off. I have some practical tools. It was money well spent.

I appreciated being met where I was in the moment. There was no browbeating over what I coulda shoulda woulda done in marketing my writing. Jenn helped me make positive steps forward that really have worked.


Dani Pettrey


Mixtus Media’s One-On-One Coaching exceeded my greatest expectations. Jenn really took time to know me and my heart for readers. She then tailored our sessions around that. Every time I wasn’t sure I understood what she was talking about, she gave excellent, concrete examples. I came away feeling I’d learned a year’s worth of knowledge in a matter of weeks. I definitely miss my weekly calls and the awesome learning attached.


DiAnn Mills


Mixtus Media One-On-One Coaching helped me use social media to define my ideal reader and focus on her needs. Through my online platforms, I’m now able to work more effectively and efficiently while promoting and marketing my brand. I heartily recommend writers to take advantage of the expert coaching.