The Benefits 

At any point throughout the day, there are over 3 billion people online. There are over 1 billion people on Facebook, 974 million on Twitter, and over 75 million on Instagram on a single day. You’re never going to appeal to everyone - the key is to appeal to the right people

Your Ideal Reader Profile will not limit you - it is going to actually help you be  more visible online because you will be talking with the right people, in the right places, and in a way that they will respond. 

It also gives you a starting point and helps you figure out parts of yourself and your own story that you can share. You can be more personable and genuine. It helps you communicate with your readers like you would with a friend.

And that's the goal - to create a connection that makes your readers feel like they know you, and you know them. Because we all  want to support people that we know, like and trust. And that's what your Ideal Reader Profile will do for you. 


Creating Your
Ideal Reader Profile 

Now it’s time to take action! The PDF forms that we will have you download, print, and fill out every week will be called TAKE ACTION WORKSHEETS. These worksheets are the core of creating a unique approach and plan to make your marketing work specifically for you and your readers. 

With this first TAKE ACTION WORKSHEET, some of the questions might seem a little odd, but believe me, there is a purpose behind each of them. Set aside time this week to complete it. If you have questions or get stuck, don’t worry - I will help you during our one-on-one call together this week. 

Included with the worksheet link each week will be a link to a PDF version of the Prep Work you just read on this web page for your records.

Good luck and I’m looking forward to our call!