Here’s How It All Breaks Down

Instead of giving you strategies and ideas that might help you grow your audience, you will walk away from these coaching sessions with a clear and precise understanding of who your ideal reader is, what content they will respond to, where they will be online, how to connect with them, and how to stand out in the noisy online world. 

There are hundreds of thousands of books available online, so in order to stand out you can’t just take the same approach everyone else is using. You need to be doing what is best for you, your readers, and your book. And that is exactly what our coaching sessions help you do.

It’s all about steps:

     clearly identifying your ideal readers,
          connecting with them online,
               creating authentic and genuine dialog with them,
                    and establishing trust.

These are the steps that we will be taking during our five weeks together. And best of all, I’ll be in your corner, helping you along, one-on-one, the entire way. 

You will receive weekly emails with your Prep Work - this is the information you will need to make our calls more effective and beneficial. It will include detailed information regarding our topic for the week as well as a “Take Action Worksheet,” so we can personalize each session. And during our scheduled call each week, we will go over your worksheet and I will answer questions and offer insight, information, and direction to help you make the most of each session.