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How can I make sure I’m marketing my book correctly?

Did your last book marketing effort flop?

Do you worry that you’re doing it wrong?

Do you not know where to start?

Are you afraid you don’t have enough time?

Won’t my publisher market my book?

Are you confused and overwhelmed?


Why is book marketing so difficult?

It doesn’t have to be!


Clear the Confusion

Know exactly where you need to be online to attract new readers. 


Create a Connection

You'll learn how to connect and communicate with your readers in a genuine and effective way.


Master Your Marketing

You'll have a streamlined process that will powerfully and successfully market your book. 

Our step-by-step process has effectively simplified book marketing and empowered authors to sell more books.


Book Marketing Foundations Will Work for Both Fiction and Non-Fiction Authors

Learn at your own pace through 7 easy video lessons with worksheets and unlimited access.

You are not alone. Get your questions answered on the exclusive private Facebook Group by our expert team, and learn from other authors’ experience who are also taking the course.

Invest without any risk thanks to our 15-day money back guarantee. We know that if you actually work to apply the process and tools we offer, you will get results.

The 7 lessons of the Mixtus Method will give you:

  • Your own personalized Ideal Reader Profile.

  • A customized marketing plan that will give you bigger results without taking more time.

  • Guides, checklists, examples and time-saving tools to make the process easy.  

  • 6-12 months of content that you know your readers will respond to.

  • A reliable system that you can refine and reapply throughout your entire writing career. 

  • Support from our online community of authors.

  • Instant 24/7 access so you can learn at your own pace. 


Lesson 1

Mark Up Your Map

Set yourself up for success by identifying clear goals to point you in the right direction and keep you on track.


Lesson 2

Create Your Ideal Reader Profile

This 40-point resource is the secret weapon to your marketing success. It will show you how to find and communicate with the specific group of people who are interested in your books.


Lesson 3

Make Your Connections

A powerful and effective marketing plan is focused, intentional, and - most importantly - doable. Focus on what will work rather than what might work.


Lesson 4

Create Your Content 

This video will help you create 6 months to a year’s worth of content. From blog posts to social media topics, you’ll never wonder “What am I going to post?” ever again! 


Lesson 5

Organize and Manage Your Content

Your Content Grid simplifies your social media management so you can consistently post content that will keep your ideal reader engaged, attract new readers, and drive them to your website.


Lesson 6

Schedule Your Posts

Get more done in less time by using scheduling tools that automatically posts your content to social media at the best times for your ideal readers.



Lesson 7

Take Your Next Steps

Now that you have everything that you need for your book marketing to succeed, put it all to work and keep your momentum going for your entire career.




I’m also giving you these added bonuses to help you get the most out of The Mixtus Method: 

  • Access to the new The Mixtus Method private Facebook Group where I will drop in every week to provide added guidance and information. This group will also be full of other authors who can share experience, insight, and support.

  • Live Q&A’s with me in our Facebook Group to answer all of your questions.

  • Five weekly emails from me that will provide motivation and additional resources to make sure you get the most out of this course.


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Participating in the Mixtus Method has given my company Ackerly Green Publishing some much-needed direction, and has helped us reignite our passion for connecting with our readers. Bringing our “ideal reader” to life through the Ideal Reader Profile has completely changed the way we think about engaging with our audience. Now that our ideal reader is somebody with a name who we can easily visualize, we talk about her all the time, and get so excited over ideas for content that we think she’ll like. The organizational resources provided by the Mixtus tutorials have also been a huge help in structuring and planning our goals for creating content and making promotional connections. As none of us had much of a marketing background, these resources have been invaluable in making all of our goals feel much less foreign and intimidating and far more attainable.
C.J. Bernstein, author and publisher at Ackerly Green Publishing
I just wanted to say your course was pure gold in my life. That one phone call with my one ideal reader was a huge break through for me in all aspects of my creative life. It unblocked me. It got me going in ways I could have never imagined. I’ve been an author and write for years and years and you were the first person to unlock social media for me and turn it from a chore to a creative joy. Pure magic! ❤️🙌🏾
Isa Adney, author of The Little Book of Big Dreams
Jenn of Mixtus Media is my secret weapon for social media growth, brand recognition and message management. We’ve been working together for years and she is the best there is when it comes to helping authors build their voices and expand their influence... The current impact I’m having on the culture is directly related to her help, wisdom and execution! She knows the tricks of the trade and her knowledge will help any author become more successful!
DeVon Franklin, New York Times Best-selling Author
Marketing is so foreign and uncomfortable to me as an author but Jenn gave me tools and a new mindset that empowered me to connect with readers in a way that felt natural and honest and dare I say even enjoyable. As a result, my audience grew and my book sales soared.
Jeannie Cunnion, author of Mom Set Free
I decided to make an invest in me and my writing career. And it paid off with Mixtus Media. I was given practical tools and it was money well spent. I appreciated being met where I was in the moment. There was no browbeating over what I coulda shoulda woulda done in marketing my writing. Jenn helped me make positive steps forward that really have worked.
Lisa Bogart, author of Drawn from the Heart
Mixtus Media helped me use social media to define my ideal reader and focus on her needs. Through my online platforms, I’m now able to work more effectively and efficiently while promoting and marketing my brand. I heartily recommend writers to take advantage of the expert coaching.
DiAnn Mills, best-selling author

The Mixtus Method is a 100% risk-free investment.

We are offering all authors a 15-day “Buy it. Do it.” Money-Back Guarantee.*

I want you to be satisfied with your purchase, but I also want you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies that we offer in this course. 

I KNOW this works because it’s the exact process that we have applied to our clients and our business. 

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