Take a few minutes to think about your ideal readers - the people you write for. What do those people have in common with each other? Think through every trait that they share: age, gender, other books that they read, other genres they are interested in, how often they read, what their beliefs are, their lifestyle, hobbies, interests, etc. List it out in the section below.

Ideal Reader Traits List

Now take everything you have listed and create a single person to represent your Ideal Reader. Try to be as specific and detailed as you can.

The purpose of this exercise is to describe this person so well that you can easily put yourself in their shoes. It’s about looking at the world through a different set of eyes.

Ideal Reader Name: [xa1]

Ideal Reader Age: [xa2]

Ideal Reader Gender: [xa3]

Ideal Reader Marital Status: [xa4]

Ideal Reader Has Children? [xa5]

Ideal Reader Occupation: [xa6]

Ideal Reader Income: [xa7]

Ideal Reader Core Spiritual Beliefs:

What strong values do they hold?

List 10 of their favorite authors:

What are their 5 favorite books?

What 3 TV shows do they faithfully watch every week?

What are their top 5 favorite movies?

Ideal Reader Hobbies:

What are some of their guilty pleasures?

What do they like to do in their free time?

What experts or professionals do they faithfully follow?

What are the top 5 Facebook Pages do they follow (celebrities, products, events, etc.)? Why do they follow them?

What are the top 10 favorite Twitter accounts they follow? Why do they follow these accounts?

Who do they follow on Instagram - name their top 10 favorite. Why do they enjoy these accounts?

What do they like to pin on Pinterest? Why does he/she enjoy pinning these subjects?

What newsletters do they subscribe to and why do they subscribe to them? It can be both book related and other interests that they have.

What are 5 (or more) keywords that your reader uses to find books similar to yours online?

Now it’s time to BE your ideal reader. Slip into their shoes and approach the world from a different perspective. Be as detailed as you can be - dig deep and really stretch how you approach these questions.

How often do you buy books? Why?

Do you buy new or used books? Why?

Where do you buy your books? Used, Amazon, a specific bookstore?

How do you discover new books or new authors?

At first glance, what attracts you to a new book?

What makes you pass over a book? What turns you off about them?

What was it about the subject matter of this book that grabbed your attention?

What emotions do you feel while reading this book?

Why do you enjoy to this genre or style of writing?

Why do you love to read?

What is it about a book that you enjoy as opposed to other forms of entertainment, like movies or TV?

What is it about this book that drew you to consider buying it?

Why are you hesitant of buying this book?

What played a roll in you buying this book and not another in the same genre?

What emotions or feelings do you want to experience in reading a book?

What books have you read more than once? Describe the feelings and emotions you want to feel again in re-reading those books?

(Non-Fiction) In what ways would this book impact your life if it provides the answers you are looking for?

(Non-Fiction) How would this book change your life or career?

Now that you have the answers to the questions, let’s go a step further. Create a story about your ideal reader so they come to life. Just like you create an outline for your characters, that is what we have done for your ideal reader. When this person becomes real to you, it will bring to life an entirely different approach to marketing your book and connecting with your readers.

Use the space below to create a story about your Ideal Reader.

Once this exercise is completed, step back and look over the answers.
What you shared is going to provide pages and pages of information and material to draw from to create authentic and genuine material to connect with your ideal reader.

This information can be used to inspire and influence the copy for your website, where to find and connect with your readers online, how to connect in a genuine way on social media, create conversations, and much more. This level of thought can spark all sorts of ideas - so take it and run with it! Jot down those ideas and get creative with how you use them to connect with and reach your readers.

We will be tapping into your Ideal Reader Profile more during our coaching calls to help us get even more specific within our content creation and connecting with your readers.

If you found this exercise difficult and like your brain is about to bust, no worries - it means your working hard and growing. :) Just remember, it’s progress not perfection. If you’re finding it difficult to complete, step away for a little bit and come back to it to try it again.

We will go through everything during the first week's call. Great job!