Jenn is an absolute professional and is a visionary in leading social media campaigns. Her expertise speaks for itself, while her enthusiasm and positive attitude bring a great dynamic to the team.
Jennifer Smith McDonald
Director of Publicity, Simon & Schuster / Howard Books Division
Jenn has always been fun to work with and always carries herself with extreme professionalism. She cares about the people she works with and it shows in the quality of her work!
Daniel C. White
Director of Business Development, The A Group
It was a pleasure to work with Mixtus Media and Jenn DePaula. Jenn has amazing experience and insights to the world of creatives, artists and online/social media marketing. She will be one of my first go-to organizations when we are looking for outside marketing partnerships for our clients.
Denise George
Vice President, Content & Customer Development, Creative Trust Media
Jenn is savvy about social media, and a professional in her work, with good follow-through. She helped a number of our clients to sharpen their social media presence, and each person spoke highly of the help she provided them. I feel confident in her work and would definitely recommend her to others.
Janet Grant
Owner, Books & Such Literary Agency
Jenn dePaula has been a great resource to our marketing campaigns. Her knowledge of social media and quality executions has been invaluable. I highly recommend her.
Mark Lusk
President and General Manager, InPop Records
The most important aspect of effective social media and marketing is keeping it real. Jenn dePaula can’t communicate any other way, creating interaction and engagement with her audience that defines effective online communication.
Steve Feldman
The SamHill Group
Besides being an absolute expert in her field, Jenn has a few other outstanding qualities-

A. She’s able to communicate her expertise to laymen (like me, and probably like you) thus assuring intelligent dialogue and expected results.
B. She possesses an intuitive sense of what her client and the project needs to be successful.
C. She’s fun to work with. Don’t laugh, life is short. Who wants to work with someone who’s a drag?

I can’t recommend her enough. Do yourself and your project a favor!
Rick Elias
Jenn is wonderful to work with a very knowledgeable in her area. As a first time, self-published author, I appreciated her hard work and creativity as she helped create and execute a marketing plan for my first book. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.
Jenny Yarbrough
Author, Blogger, Childbirth Educator
I worked with Jenn on a marketing project and was extremely impressed with her knowledge of social media and content marketing throughout the time we worked together. She was able to take every aspect of the project into consideration and achieve the objectives the client wanted. One thing that also stood out is how well Jenn is able to quickly and efficiently solve any problem or situation that arises.

I’d recommend Jenn for social media, content marketing and consulting without hesitation and I’d welcome the chance to work with her again.
Joel Widmer
Digital Marketing Strategist & Owner, Fluxe Digital Marketing / Entrepreneur
Jenn delivered a quality lecture to my music students at two different colleges. She did a wonderful job communicating her knowledge about the music industry, demonstrating a comprehensive grasp on social media and content marketing. Jenn is truly professional.
Shawn David Young, Ph.D.
Director of Music Management Studies, Clayton State University
I highly recommend Jenn dePaula. She’s a person of impeccable integrity, compassion, generosity and creativity, evident in her work and life. She truly cares about each person she serves, sees the best in everyone and goes the extra mile to encourage and serve. She stays cutting edge and gives her best efforts to whatever she puts her hands to do.
Jenn thinks outside the box and gets things done; she’s is the kind of person anyone would want and benefit from having on their team.
Derri Smith
Executive Director, End Slavery Tennessee
Jenn is the ultimate professional. She is detail-oriented, thorough, and consistent. She is a great writer, and she is willing to give of her time and talents to those who make such a request. She has never failed to mentor my public relations students, and they learn so much when she shares her experiences. Jenn has developed here gifts into a viable business that is benefiting many.
Professor Veronica Ross
Communication Department Chair and Director of Management and Business at WGRN 89.5