What Makes Mixtus Media Coaching Different? 

I’ve taken part in multiple coaching sessions and online classes. They provide a ton of great information, but many times I’ve walked away feeling completely overloaded and didn’t even finish the class! The information was so overwhelming that I put it in the “I’ll get to that someday” pile and moved on.

That’s why I wanted these coaching sessions to focus on the most important element of your book marketing: finding and connecting with your readers. Every single thing you do is built on knowing who your readers are, where they are online, and how to best connect with them. 

When you can say that you know where your readers are and how to connect with them with unshakeable confidence, it will take away any questions you have about how to best market your book. 

And best of all, you will be more efficient with your efforts, you will save money, and you will have more time to do what you love to do - write!