The Solution to Your Book Marketing Needs

For years we have worked with authors to help them find, connect with and grow their audience to not only increase sales but to also establish a solid foundation for building a successful career as an author writing and selling books. 

But we wanted to do more - we wanted to prove that you don’t need a huge marketing budget, a costly team of experts helping you, or even a publisher to see the results you’re looking for.  

We wanted to help more authors one-on-one in answering their questions, giving them personalized direction, and providing the assistance they needed to accomplish their goals as an author.


That’s why we want to offer you

 Mixtus Media One-on-One Coaching

Five weeks of personalized advice and processes to sell more books

  • Five-step "Finding and Connecting With Your Ideal Reader" system
  • Five 30-minute weekly one-on-one Skype sessions
  • Personalized marketing plan
  • And more...