Everything You Need To Get Your Website Started RIGHT the First Time! 

Creating a well-designed, informative, and helpful website isn’t an easy task. It’s one that takes preparation, organization, and knowing what you need to give to your designer so they can create the best website for your money. 

But you maybe walking into the world of websites not knowing what you need, what you should provide for your designer, and just an overwhelming feeling of, “AAAHHH! I don’t know what’s going on!!” 

Am I right? ;) 

Well have no fear! We have put together a collection of helpful how-to’s, checklists, and information that will not only give you step-by-step direction but will also give you advice and insight into the development and design of your website. 

We know it can feel and seem overwhelming. We’ve tried to take as much of the guesswork out to give you clear direction to make the process go as smooth as possible.