What You Will
Walk Away With


Week One:
Who You're Talking to - Creating Your IDeal Reader Profile

There isn’t a marketer on the planet who would say that it isn’t important to know who your target audience is. Who you’re talking to is the foundation that everything is built on. But in today’s world, it doesn’t cut it just to know generalities. You need to know specifics and dig much deeper. 

At the end of this first week, you will walk away with a detailed and clearly defined Ideal Reader Profile - this is your secret weapon in effectively and authentically finding and connecting with your ideal audience online. 

And BONUS! This is where having a one-on-one call with me will not only take the pressure off of you, but I can also personally help you dig deeper into the details of your readers and provide some additional insight and information that will be uniquely helpful to you. 



Week Two:
finding your readers online

Once we have a clear understanding of who we are trying to reach, we will be able to establish where we need to go to find your readers. This is where we will “trim the fat” and help you find exactly where you need to spend time online to attract and connect with your readers. 

You will walk away with a detailed plan for where you need to go online to find your specific audience. You will know who, where and how to find your readers. We will also assess your current social media outlets and see what needs to stay, what needs to be cut, and how to best improve what you have to make the most of your time and effort. 



Week Three:
Creating content to connect with your readers

Knowing where to find readers isn’t much use if you don’t know how to connect with them and deepen that relationship. We will show you how to authentically attract new readers and establish a solid platform on which to build a thriving online presence.  

During this week, you will walk away with six months’ to a year’s worth of blog content to help drive new readers to your website. We will also teach you how to create posts on social media that generate engagement, draw in new readers, and that compel your current readers to share your posts with their friends. 



Week Four:
Setting up a system and a process

It’s one thing knowing what you have to do, but putting what you learn into action is what actually gets you results. In this step we will create a system, plan, and process that will help you easily put into practice what we’ve learned in the previous weeks. 

In this fourth week you will walk away with a personalized plan to systemize your marketing so there is an effective process that will help you get much more done in less time than ever before. You will be able to spend more time writing and less time on marketing! 



Week Five:
Bringing It All Together

This final step is all about filling in any cracks or answering questions that you might have. I wanted to set aside a full hour to make sure you have everything nailed down, and that you feel empowered and ready to move forward with confidence. 

You will walk away with fresh ideas and a personalized approach to best find and connect with readers. This session will tie everything together so you have a cohesive plan ready to be put into action. 



Plus Limited Time Bonuses!

In addition to the one-on-one coaching time, Prep Work, and Take Action Worksheets each week, you will also receive exclusive bonuses to help you in your long-term success.