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Whether you’re a brand new author just starting out or if you have multiple titles under your belt, if you’re self-published or have a publisher, if you have a small or large audience, we are here to give you the support that you need to clearly and confidently promote your book and actually see results. 

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Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.
— Abu Bakr

To get results with your social media and book marketing, you need to take action. The first step is to educate yourself. 

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Free Video Lesson and Resources

"Answers for Authors:
5 Actionable Steps to Intentionally Grow Your Audience and Sell More Books"

We will show you how to effectively and authentically market your books in a powerful way to see real results. And we have loads of free information you can access on our blog.


Online Course

"The Mixtus Method"

This is our flagship course that is the foundation of everything that you need to see success both on social media and in your overall book marketing.


Consulting Sessions

One-on-one Calls with Jenn

If you just need some help, direction, or advice on a specific issue, we offer a consulting rate at $150 per 45-minute session.


Client Services

Book Marketing and Website Services

We manage the details of your social media, blog, and newsletter campaigns for you. And if you need a new website, we can help with that too. Rates start at $1,500.