We help authors navigate book marketing with a simple personalized process that works.

About Us


We help authors navigate book marketing with a simple personalized process that works.


If you feel like you are blindly navigating your way through social media, or that you are fumbling your way through marketing your book, you can breathe a sigh of relief. You have finally found the help, guidance, direction, and community that you need to see your social media and book marketing thrive. 

Our vision is a little different than other marketing firms. We aren't going to tell you to do the same thing that everyone else is doing because it doesn’t work for every author. 

And, let’s face it: you probably don’t want to spend (or can’t afford to spend) thousands of dollars on publicity and marketing which may be able to get you some coverage that might get you a few new readers. 

We don’t bank our efforts on a maybe.  

We focus on what we can do, which is directly connect you with your ideal readers in a stronger way that should last your entire career. 

After all, isn't it all about your readers? We want to help you connect with them. 

Who We Are



Jenn Hanson-dePaula

Co-founder of Mixtus Media

Hi, I’m Jenn! 

I’ve been working with authors, musicians, and other creatives for over 13 years helping them find and connect with their ideal audience online. 

I’ve worked with every type of author - from New York Times best selling authors to self-publishing authors starting from scratch - and I’ve loved every minute of it!  

I got my start in the music industry working for Essential Records in 2000 serving as publicist, and in 2001 I was asked to join EMI CMG to serve as publicist. For five years I helped musicians take their career to new heights - and I actually have a platinum record to prove it!

In 2005 I decided to ventured out on my own to start BookEnd Media, which was formed to serve the independent music and author communities. As the music and publishing landscapes changed and social media outlets became more and more prominent, we refocused the company, naming it Mixtus Media, to focus on helping our clients form a deeper and more powerful online presence.

I’m a 2000 graduate of Greenville University with a degree in Communication: Public Relations. In 2012 I was named "Outstanding Young Alumna" by Greenville University for my work in marketing and entrepreneurial ventures.






Marcus dePaula

Co-founder of Mixtus Media

Hi, I'm Marcus.

I love making things: websites, podcasts, photos, graphics, blog posts, newsletters, video...you name it. I've been enjoying partnering with my lovely wife Jenn to create content for us and our clients, which I've been doing full-time with her since 2010.

I started out literally making noise as a professional audio engineer, touring with dozens of bands over the first 10 years of my career. The high-pressure touring concert environment, where I helped set up and tear down truck-loads of gear every day, as well as wearing the additional hats of production manager and road manager, honed the technical know-how, troubleshooting skills, and attention to detail that I am able to use in all my work today.

After "retiring" from the road, I used my audio and production skills to install professional recording studios, as well as commercial and residential A/V systems. I also had the privilege of teaching college students in the Technical Track at the Contemporary Music Center for three semesters. 

During this time I began exploring the world of website design, while helping Jenn part-time with our own business. Over the years I’ve built more than 50 Squarespace websites, created many digital communications campaigns (using MailChimp and social media), and was able to join Jenn full-time with our business in 2011.

Lately I’ve begun producing podcasts, where I get to combine my first passion for audio with my website and digital communications experience to help create unique, high quality shows for corporate clients.

Visit meonlylouder.com to learn more about my podcast production and website services. →