How Authors Can Build a Solid Instagram Following in 10 Minutes a Day

I always tell authors it’s not the reader’s job to find you - it’s your job to find your readers. 

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The approach I’m going to show you today has been, hands down, the most effective way to do just that on Instagram.

Hashtags are one of the best ways to find and connect with new readers - especially on Instagram. But something I’ve noticed is that many authors don’t tap into a very specific way to use hashtags to make those initial connections. 

The most obvious way to use hashtags is to include them in your posts. 

But today I’m going to show you the best way to use hashtags to connect with your ideal readers and build a rock solid audience - all in less than 10 minutes a day. 

Before I jump into the steps, I want to let you know about two free resources that will help you with this process. 

First is our 130+ Hashtags for Authors - this is a fantastic download!! This will give you a great starting point on key hashtags to use. We’ve done the research for you, so they are good to go! 

Second is our How Authors Can Quickly Find 1,000 New Readers Using Instagram download. It’s completely free and it’s the process that we use for our clients and for our own Instagram account. It quick and it works! 

If you haven’t downloaded either resource, I highly encourage you to! 

Now, let’s dig into my step-by-step process of how to connect with your ideal readers on Instagram...


Set Your Parameters 

Zeroing in on the specific group of people that you’re trying to connect with is the KEY to making connections with people who want to hear from you and who will be interested in your book. This all starts with - you guessed it - your ideal reader. 

I can’t say this enough - everything, absolutely everything comes back to your ideal reader. The more specifics you know about the people you want to connect with, the better you will be able to find and connect with them online. Those details help you identify the best hashtags to use in order to connect with those specific people. 

If you’re struggling with identifying your ideal reader or if you need help digging deeper into the specifics, you’re in luck! We will be sharing a free online training in the coming weeks that will help you do just that. Sign up for Answers for Authors: 5 Actionable Steps to Intentionally Grow Your Audience.


Do Some Research 


Our 130+ Hashtags for Authors resource is a great starting point, but I’d encourage you to do a bit of research as well. 

One of my favorite ways to find key hashtags that your ideal reader uses is to look at what hashtags other successful authors in your genre are using. Browse their posts and keep a running list of hashtags that they use. 

Next, use the search field in Instagram to see what kind of traffic those hashtags are getting. When you search a specific hashtag, a number will show up with it, which indicates how many posts have included this particular hashtag. 

I would suggest using a combination of popular and mid-range hashtags for the approach I’m going to show you today. 


Show Some Love 

Once you have a running list of hashtags, now it’s time to look at some posts. 

Pick a hashtag, put it in the “search” section of Instagram, and hit enter. A long list of posts will come back in the search. Start scrolling through the posts and see what catches your eye. Read the captions and see what they have to say. 

If you like what they are sharing, like their post or leave a comment. Maybe even check out their profile to see what other posts they are sharing. 

This is how you introduce yourself and make new connections in a genuine and authentic way on Instagram. 

And the great thing is that when your ideal reader sees that you liked what they shared, they will check out your profile to what you’re all about. 

This simple process is what gets the ball rolling to introduce you to your ideal readers. 

And best of all, it doesn’t take much time at all. I give myself 5-10 minutes during the day to hop on Instagram (usually when I take a writing break), use a hashtag from my list, scroll through the posts, and “like” or comment on posts that catch my eye. 

You can get a lot done in just a few minutes a day. 

And if you download my How Authors Can Quickly Find 1,000 New Readers Using Instagram resource, I share a tool that I use to speed up this process! 


This approach is not pushy or a slimy marketing tactic - it’s a way to show genuine interest in your readers and make that initial connection with the people that you really want to connect with. 

I want to challenge you to put this strategy into practice for a week. I guarantee you will see more engagement and more genuine growth on your Instagram page very quickly!