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How To Best Capture Newsletter Signups

The other day I was catching up on my Twitter feed and my 5-year-old comes over and taps me on the arm and says: "Father, when you are done reading I would really enjoy some time playing with you..." Nope. That's not how it goes. "STOP JUMPING ON THE COUCH!... DON'T THROW YOUR LEGOS DOWN THE STAIRS!... STOP KICKING THE DOG!" My son is not a monster - he just wants attention and is behaving in a way that he feels is the most effective way to get it.

Sometimes I feel like my 5-year-old is in charge of some people's internet marketing! [Pop-up obscures the news article I was reading.] SIGN UP NOW TO RECEIVE TIPS ON [BLA BLA BLA]!

A newsletter list is one of the most powerful and effective marketing resources you have as an author. It's a group of people who trust you, who want to hear more from you, and value what you have to say. While social media is an important factor in your online marketing plan, it's really the first step in building your online audience in a solid and effective way.

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How To Set Up and Send Your Newsletter

Now that you've planned out your blog schedule and content, it's time to set up your newsletter management system. "Why can't I just use my Gmail or hosted domain email account to send to my list of addresses?" you ask. All email accounts limit the number of addresses you can send to in one message as well as limiting the number of emails you can send per day. This is a safety precaution to prevent spammers from taking advantage of their servers which would then get them blocked by other email servers. You can check with your email host to see what their limits are. HERE's Gmail's (which also applies to Google Apps). If you don't follow their rules, they will shut you account down.

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